Mobile Developers Enthusiastic about Google+, iCloud

Mobile Developers Enthusiastic about Google+, iCloud

IDC has released a new study, sponsored by Appcelerator, which finds that 25 percent of mobile development pros surveyed believe Google+ is the new trend that will have the most impact on mobile growth and adoption. Other trends cited as noteworthy included Apple’s iCloud (22 percent), NFC (18 percent), iOS 5’s Twitter integration (14 percent), Android patent issues (13 percent), Amazon’s Android tablet (6 percent) and the HP TouchPad (2 percent).

The survey also ranked developer interest in mobile platforms. The top scorers were as follows:

  1. iPhone (91 percent of developers interested)
  2. iPad (88 percent)
  3. Android Phone (87 percent)
  4. Android Tablet (74 percent
  5. HTML5 (66 percent)

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