August 25, 2011

30,000 Apps for Windows Phone 7

In the Windows Phone Developer Blog, Microsoft recently revealed that it now has about 30,000 apps for Windows Phone 7. It took eight months for the platform to reach this

Cloud Foundry Comes to Laptops

VMware has announced the availability of Micro Cloud Foundry, a condensed virtual image for its open source platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Micro Cloud Foundry makes it possible for developers to utilize the

Amazon Web Services Debuts ElastiCache

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is rolling out a new feature that could help it appeal to its core audience — developers. “ElastiCache” aims to simplify some of the caching hassles

Google Shuts Down Android Developer Forums

Until now, the primary method for Android developers to get support was to post something on the Android Marketplace forums and hope that one of their peers could offer a