October 1, 2011

Survey: IT Pros Say Programmers Don’t Need a Degree

A new survey of UK-based IT pros finds that 71 percent of those surveyed believe that self-taught developers are as skilled as those with degrees. In addition, 45 percent said that having an IT degree isn’t really that helpful for getting a job. Rising university fees led more than half

Mobile App Use Highest in Primetime

Mobile analytics firm Flurry has just released a new report that analyzes when end users are most likely to be using apps. As with TV, mobile app usage is highest during primetime — reaching its peak around 9 pm. An interesting graph in the report also reveals that people are

Adobe Proposes Changes to the CSS Standards

Adobe has recommended that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) adopt two new features for the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) standard. The first, the CSS Regions module, allows text to flow across several different regions of a page, allowing for more diverse layouts and the ability to adapt to different

A Bad Play for the Playbook

In an attempt to generate more developer interest in its Playbook tablet, RIM has announced that the Playbook will now support Android apps. However, the Playbook won’t be able to support many Android features, which may backfire for RIM. For example, the Playbook won’t support live wallpaper, VoIP, the Native

Samsung and Intel to Collaborate on Tizen OS

Samsung has announced that it will work with Intel on a new open source mobile operating system called “Tizen” that will offer broad support for HTML5. The Linux Foundation will host Tizen, and it should be ready for both developers and end users by the first quarter of 2012. Now

Enterprise Application Developers Slow to Embrace HTML5

When it comes to the discussion of whether to create HTML5 or native apps, most enterprise software vendors seem to have arrived at the same answer: both. For example, Salesforce.com embraced HTML5 for the iPad, but went native with its apps for the iPhone and Android. Many others are also