January 4, 2012

RIP: Programming Pioneers Who Passed Away in 2011

When Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away in October, the media ran stories related to Job’s impact on the tech industry for weeks. But Jobs wasn’t the only significant computing pioneer we lost this year. Here are seven other people who made big contributions to the application development industry who

Oracle Takes a Blow in Java Case

After reviewing it at Google’s request, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has rejected a key Oracle patent. The patent in question, No. 6,192,476 “Controlling Access to a Resource” was one of the patents that formed the basis of Oracle’s lawsuit against Google. Oracle claims that Google’s Android violates

iOS Users Download 5 Million Free Apps Per Day

According to mobile app marketing firm Fiksu, November was the first month when downloads of the top 200 free apps in the App Store topped 5 million per day. In fact, average downloads of those top apps averaged 5.65 million downloads per day. That’s a 15 percent improvement over October’s

All I Want for Christmas Is a Smartphone App

Mobile analytics firm Flurry is reporting that mobile device owners downloaded apps 242 million times on Christmas Day. By comparison, smartphone and tablet owners average 33 million downloads on a normal day. Much of the surge was due to the number of people who received smartphones and tablets for Christmas.

Developers Expect More Legal Battles with Patent Trolls in 2012

In 2011, many independent developers received letters from firms like Lodsys or Intellectual Ventures which demanded that mobile developers pay licensing fees on patents owned by those companies. Experts say the ongoing legal battles with these patent trolls are likely to continue — and intensify — in 2012. In order

OpenLogic CloudSwing Comes to Rackspace

OpenLogic has announced that its open source CloudSwing platform as a service (PaaS) solution can now be deployed on the Rackspace Cloud. CloudSwing allows enterprises to create their own customized PaaS solutions. “We are excited to expand OpenLogic CloudSwing’s momentum to the Rackspace Cloud customer ecosystem,” said OpenLogic’s Kim Weins.

Surveys Show Need for Greater Application Security

Two recent surveys had shed light on pervasive security problems in applications. A CAST survey found that companies have $3.6 million of technical debt that needs to be addressed, and that problems are particularly high among Java applications. A separate study by Veracode found that 80 percent of applications studied

A Guide to EA Certifications

With more than a dozen enterprise architecture (EA) certifications available, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for architects to decide which certification to pursue. In order to help, Microsoft’s Mike Walker has published a new reference guide for EA certifications. Walker organizes the certifications into five different categories: competency-based certifications, industry/specialized certifications,