RIP: Programming Pioneers Who Passed Away in 2011

RIP: Programming Pioneers Who Passed Away in 2011

When Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away in October, the media ran stories related to Job’s impact on the tech industry for weeks. But Jobs wasn’t the only significant computing pioneer we lost this year. Here are seven other people who made big contributions to the application development industry who passed away in 2011:

  • Dennis Ritchie, Founder of C and Co-Founder of Unix
  • John McCarthy, Father of AI, Inventor of Lisp
  • Robert Morris, Cryptographer, Helped Develop Unix
  • Jean Jennings Bartik, One of the First Female Computer Programmers
  • John Opel, Ex-IBM CEO
  • Gerald Lawson, Video Game Pioneer
  • Jack Goldman, Founder of Xerox PARC
  • Tim Perdue, One of the original developers of SourceForge

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