May 7, 2012

Heroku Tops 1.5 Million Apps

In November 2010, Heroku was a respectable PaaS startup with an impressive 100,000 apps — all written in Ruby. Eighteen months later, the cloud development service is now part of, and it boasts 1.5 million apps, many written in other languages. In fact, according to Heroku’s Byron Sebastian “at

Google Expands App Development Capabilities for Docs

Google has announced the addition of several new capabilities for its Docs Suite that should make it easier for developers to extend the capabilities of the cloud computing service. Devs could already use a scripting language called Google Apps Script to incorporate Docs into their apps, but now Google has

Red Hat Releases Code for OpenShift PaaS

Open source heavyweight Red Hat has released the source code for OpenShift, its platform as a service (PaaS) for Java, PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby applications. That means developers can now move their OpenShift projects to their own infrastructure if they want. Until now, OpenShift was only available through Amazon

Developers Nervous About Oracle Verdict in the Android-Java Case

The jury is currently deliberating its verdict in the first phase of the Oracle v. Google lawsuit, and the development community is watching with great concern. While patent infringement lawsuits are pretty standard fare in the tech industry, this portion of the trial concerns copyright law. Some fear that a

Apache Updates the Tomcat Server for Cloud Computing

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the availability of Apache TomEE v1.0, a cloud-friendly version of the popular open source Tomcat application server. As the name suggests, TomEE combines Java EE features with Tomcat. “Apache TomEE makes developing Java EE solutions easy and simple,” said Apache’s David Blevins. “TomEE is

10 Best Practices for Mobilizing Enterprise Applications

As business users increasingly turn to smartphones and tablets to do their jobs, enterprise application development teams are facing increasing pressure to turn out mobile versions of the apps those workers use every day. Regev Yativ, president and CEO of Magic Software Americas, offers the following best practices for developers

Informatica Launches Cloud Development Edition

Data integration solution vendor Informatica has launched a new Cloud Development Edition of its platform. Aimed at software vendors and systems integrators, the new tool offers a Java-based programming interface for developing connectors to cloud services, pre-built Cloud Integration Templates and tools that simplify the process of moving cloud integration

Build a Certified BlackBerry App, Get $10K

As part of its efforts to entice developers to build apps for its new BlackBerry 10 platform, RIM is offering cold, hard cash. “Quality certified apps submitted to App World before launch will earn at least $10,000 in the 1st year on the market,” the company tweeted. RIM is currently

EU Court: You Can’t Copyright a Programming Language

The European Court of Justice has handed down a ruling that could have widespread implications for the software industry. In a lawsuit brought by SAS Institute against World Programming Limited (WPL), the EU’s highest court ruled that copyright protection does not cover the functionality of a computer program and the

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