Apache Updates the Tomcat Server for Cloud Computing

Apache Updates the Tomcat Server for Cloud Computing

The Apache Software Foundation has announced the availability of Apache TomEE v1.0, a cloud-friendly version of the popular open source Tomcat application server. As the name suggests, TomEE combines Java EE features with Tomcat. “Apache TomEE makes developing Java EE solutions easy and simple,” said Apache’s David Blevins. “TomEE is the closest and shortest jump for anyone with a Tomcat stack using any number of Java EE technologies to finally move to a Java EE 6 Web Profile-certified platform that offers great freedom in the cloud.”

Market research firm Gartner has predicted, “Through 2017, at least 70 percent of new Java EE applications will be deployed on an open-source Java application server … OSS application servers primarily (but not exclusively) from Apache … will continue to dominate small-scale Java EE deployments.”

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