January 24, 2013

China Stops Blocking GitHub

As of Wednesday, developers in China once again have access to GitHub after the government stopped blocking the code hosting service. The Chinese authorities began blocking the service after a developer’s ticketing app, which was hosted on GitHub, caused problems for the country’s rail service. The GitHub censorship came under

Google Open Sources Some of Its Cloud Platform Code

Google has released the source code for 36 sample projects and tools related to its cloud computing platform. Many of these are “starter project” templates that should developers how to connect Google’s various APIs. All of the newly open sourced code has been posted on GitHub. “We will continue to

Survey: Faster Application Delivery Remains Top Enterprise Priority

A new survey from Serena Software asked enterprise IT managers about their priorities for 2013 with regards to application development and deployment. For the third year in a row, respondents said faster application delivery was their top goal, with 59 percent naming it as important (down from 68 percent last