Survey: Faster Application Delivery Remains Top Enterprise Priority

A new survey from Serena Software asked enterprise IT managers about their priorities for 2013 with regards to application development and deployment. For the third year in a row, respondents said faster application delivery was their top goal, with 59 percent naming it as important (down from 68 percent last year).

Alignment with business was also ranked as highly important. “The one [finding] that surprised me the most was this whole concept of aligning with business just shot up dramatically from the last two surveys that we did,” said Serena’s Miguel Kim. In 2013, 48 percent of survey takers ranked it as important, up from 21 percent and 16 percent in the two previous surveys.

On the other hand, cloud computing seems to be less important for enterprise application development teams. Only 14 percent of respondents ranked it as important this year, compared to 23 percent last year and 26 percent the year before.

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