April 26, 2013

Built.io Enables ‘Disposable’ Enterprise Apps

At the Demo Mobile 2013 event, Raw Engineering showcased its built.io tool that aims to make it possible for business users to develop their own mobile apps. “The life of an app used by enterprises is sometimes as short as a month,” explained Raw CEO Neha Sampat. “If it takes

WWDC Sells Out in 2 Minutes

Tickets for Apple’s 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) went on sale Thursday and sold out in less than two minutes. That beat last year’s record-setting sell-out in two hours. Although tickets to the event are non-transferable, someone was already trying to resell a WWDC ticket on eBay less than an

How Dangerous is Twitter?

Given the dramatic and appalling events over the last few weeks, you may not have noticed a story that has similarly dramatic and appalling implications: the hacking of two Associated Press Twitter accounts. According to the New York Times, this hack caused markets to move, even though the erroneous information

Pivotal One PaaS to Launch Later This Year

Pivotal, the cloud computing spinoff created by EMC and VMware, says it plans to launch a new platform as a service offering in the fourth quarter of this year. Called Pivotal One, the cloud development platform will work with multiple infrastructure as a service providers, including Amazon, OpenStack and Windows

Microsoft Project Turns C# into a Scripting Language

Microsoft’s Glenn Bock is leading a team that’s working on an interesting project that aims to turn C# into a scripting language. Called ScriptCS, the project allows developers to write programs in a simple text editor. Then the Roslyn compiler as a service handles compilation, and NuGet finds any necessary