Pivotal One PaaS to Launch Later This Year

Pivotal One PaaS to Launch Later This Year

Pivotal, the cloud computing spinoff created by EMC and VMware, says it plans to launch a new platform as a service offering in the fourth quarter of this year. Called Pivotal One, the cloud development platform will work with multiple infrastructure as a service providers, including Amazon, OpenStack and Windows Azure. The goal is to simplify the process of developing and running enterprise applications in the cloud.

Pivotal already offers another PaaS called CloudFoundry, and the company announced that this service will support multiple IaaS providers later this year. “One of the things we’re going to deliver this quarter is a version of Cloud Foundry showing this cloud-independent model where, at, we’ll be running on both an Amazon infrastructure as well as VMware’s cloud infrastructure at the same time,” explained Pivotal’s Scott Yara.

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