April 17, 2014

Gartner: Optimizing Application Development and Maintenance Cuts Costs by 50%

A new report from the researchers at Gartner says many organizations are spending more than they need to on enterprise application development and maintenance (ADM). In fact, the firm believes that optimizing the processes involved can reduce costs by half. “ADM accounts for 34 percent of IT budgets,” Claudio Da

Survey: Developers Are Powerful and They Know It

A new survey from Chef finds that developers believe they have a lot of clout within their organizations and society as a whole. In fact, 63 percent said their occupation was contributing to the upward movement of society. A full 94 percent said they see developers as a “revolutionary influence,”

Build Node.js Apps Using Visual Studio 2013

There is some good news for Visual Studio enthusiasts looking to develop web applications using Node.js. The Visual Studio team (with help from the community contributors) recently released the support for Node.js in Visual Studio 2013. While this is still in beta, and you may face issues while developing apps,