October 17, 2014

When Will IT Vendor Marketing Get with the Digital Program?

At Intellyx our focus is on digital transformation, so I spend a lot of my time helping digital professionals understand how to leverage the various technology options open to them to achieve their customer-driven business goals. Who is a digital professional? People with titles like Chief Digital Officer, VP of

OpenStack Juno Adds Hadoop Support

OpenStack has officially released its tenth major update to its popular open source cloud computing software, codenamed Juno. The new release primarily fixes bugs in OpenStack, but it does include one major new feature: Sahara, a big data tool which supports Hadoop and Apache Spark applications. Other new features in

Apache Storm Comes to Azure

This week, Microsoft announced three major updates to its Azure cloud computing service. First and most notably, its HD Insight big data service now includes Apache Storm for real-time streaming analysis. “If I want to see real-time analysis of what’s happening on my website instead of batch-process analysis of clickstreams

Salesforce Unveils Lightning Mobile Development Platform

During its Dreamforce conference, Salesforce.com launched Lightning, an update for its Salesforce1 cloud development platform. Lightning aims to put mobile development within the reach of business users as well as developers. And, as the name suggests, it enables very fast app creation and updates. “We believe there’s a continuum between

IBM, Xamarin Announce Mobile Development Partnership

Xamarin and IBM are partnering together to make it easier for enterprise mobile development teams to use tools from both companies. Xamarin offers tools that allow developers to write C# apps for iOS, Android and Windows. IBM’s MobileFirst platform includes a variety of tools and services, including its BlueMix cloud

Apache Mahout and Machine Learning

Apache Mahout is an open source project from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) with the primary goal of creating a machine learning algorithm. Introduced by a group of developers from the Apache Lucene project, Apache Mahout aims to: Build and support a community of users or contributors so that access