November 21, 2014

Differentiating Between Virtualization and Cloud Computing

There is often much confusion surrounding the terms ‘cloud computing’ and ‘virtualization’. Even though virtualization and cloud computing share a common bond of maximizing computing resources, there is a clear difference between the two concepts. Let’s begin with an introduction to virtualization and cloud computing in order to understand what

Facebook HHVM Gets More Adopters

Some well-known Web companies, including WordPress and Box, are now using Facebook’s Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM), an alternative PHP runtine engine that is available under an open source license. According to Facebook, HHVM is 5.6 times faster than a standard PHP interpreter. WordPress and Box are reporting substantial performance

AWS Streamlines Windows AppStream Service

For some time, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has offered Amazon Appstream, a service which allowed users to stream Windows apps running on Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure to mobile devices, but the service required quite a bit of configuration and tweaking from developers in order to get it to work properly.

IBM Launches DevOps Innovation Services, BlueMix Dedicated

IBM has made two new announcements that could be of interest to enterprise application development teams. First, the company is offering DevOps Innovation Services, which inlcudes advice and tools for organizations that are implementing DevOps practices. Second, the company announced a new private, on-premise version of its BlueMix cloud development

Report: 50% of CIOs Say Mobile Development Takes Too Long

A new report from Kinvey finds that the mobile development process is a source of headaches for CIOs. Among those surveyed, half said that the mobile development process takes too long. Additional findings in the report included the following: 56 percent of companies take seven months to a year to