Report: 50% of CIOs Say Mobile Development Takes Too Long

A new report from Kinvey finds that the mobile development process is a source of headaches for CIOs. Among those surveyed, half said that the mobile development process takes too long. Additional findings in the report included the following:

  • 56 percent of companies take seven months to a year to complete a mobile app.
  • 20 percent of enterprises spend more than $500,000 to develop an app.
  • 67 percent of CIOs said they don’t have enough budget for mobile development.
  • 53 percent said their infrastructure was designed for Web apps, not mobile apps.
  • 50 percent don’t have the right mobile development tools and talent in-house.
  • 63 percent will be moving to the cloud to address their mobile development needs.
  • One out of three enterprises does not have a formal mobile strategy.

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