February 19, 2015

Using Visual Studio to Program in AngularJS

Of all the JavaScript frameworks available today, AngularJSis probably gaining the most traction in the developer community. Given its popularity, it was about time for the Visual Studio team to natively provide support for AngularJS, including providing support for dynamic IntelliSense while writing code in Visual Studio. Previously, you could

Google Releases C/C++ Map Reduce Framework

Google has announced that it will release MapReduce for C, or MR4C, under an open source license. Originally developed by Skybox Imaging, which Google purchased in 2014, the MR4C framework allows developers to run native C or C++ code on their Hadoop systems. Google notes, “While many software companies that

Survey: 50% of Large Enterprises Use AWS

RightScale has released the results of a new survey that asked enterprises about their use of public cloud computing services. Exactly half of surveyed enterprises with more than 1,000 employees said they use Amazon Web Services (AWS), putting it in first place. That represents a one percent increase from the