June 9, 2015

FixMeStick: the ultimate digital security gift for Father???s Day

This easy to use plug and play virus removal USB drive reaches deep into the operating systems going beyond traditional software based AV The Netherlands – June 9th 2015 – As an ideal gift for Father’s Day this year, FixMeStick, the only provider of a consumer-ready USB device for removing

MapR 5.0 Speeds Hadoop

At the Hadoop Summit, MapR Technologies announced the release of the fifth version of its MapR Hadoop distribution. According to the company, the update offers notable performance improvements. It speeds up real-time analytics and application management, and it can be deployed in just minutes instead of hours. “(We’re) looking at

WWDC: WatchOS 2, iOS 9, Swift 2.0 and More

During the keynote address on the first day of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), the company made a number of noteworthy announcements. The new streaming music service is getting most of the attention from consumers, but the company also unveiled a number of updates of interest to enterprise developers, including