FixMeStick: the ultimate digital security gift for Father???s Day

FixMeStick: the ultimate digital security gift for Father???s Day

This easy to use plug and play virus removal USB drive reaches deep into the operating systems going beyond traditional software based AV The Netherlands – June 9th 2015 – As an ideal gift for Father’s Day this year, FixMeStick, the only provider of a consumer-ready USB device for removing computer viruses from infected PCs and Macs, offers an essential element for any Dad’s digital tool box.The ultimate digital security gift. What makes this product unique?The principles of the FixMeStick are standard for security IT professionals: multiple anti-virus engines increase the number of detectable viruses, and clean external scanning devices prevent viruses from hiding or from interfering with their removal. But, for the first time, FixMeStick has built these principles into a ready-to-go USB device that enables everyday users to do what the pros do (watch the FixMeStick remove the ZeroAccess rootkit that is blocking and hiding from desktop anti-virus software).The FixMeStick is new to the UK market, and costs just ??45 for an unlimited number of uses on three PCs or Macs per year. Renewals can be purchased for ??37 annually.Protection from leading Anti-Virus companies The FixMeStick is powered by three of the biggest names in anti-virus software: Kaspersky Lab, Sophos, and GFI.Stefan Kluin, Product Manager, FixMeStick EU said, “Digital Dad’s don’t always know that not all viruses or malware are actually removed by traditional methods. FixMeStick ensures that PCs and Macs at home are protected and all your important information such as bank accounts as well as files and precious photos are too. Peace of mind is an amazing gift for any Dad.”For more information, to request a sample FixMeStick to review, or to book an interview, please contact Rose Ross at Omarketing on behalf of FixMeStick on +44 20 8255 5225Pricing and availabilityAvailable to purchase online at for ??45 including VAT and free shipping. FixMeStick are currently looking for resellers in the UK.

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