Quick Way to Download a File in C#

Quick Way to Download a File in C#

Add the following function:

        public void DownloadFile(string urlAddress, string location)        {            using (webClient = new WebClient())            {                webClient.DownloadFileCompleted += new AsyncCompletedEventHandler(Completed);                webClient.DownloadProgressChanged += new DownloadProgressChangedEventHandler(ProgressChanged);                Uri URL = urlAddress.StartsWith("http://", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) ? new Uri(urlAddress) : new Uri("http://" + urlAddress);                try                {                    // Start downloading the file                    webClient.DownloadFileAsync(URL, location, location);                }                catch (Exception ex)                {                    MessageBox.Show(ex.Message);                }            }        }Call it like this:                            string Url = "URLTOFILE";                            DownloadFile(Url, @"c:\temp\FILENAME.EXTENSION");


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