September 29, 2015

Wading Into the Microsoft Azure SQL Elastic Database Pool

The SQL Elastic Database Pool?allows you to run SQL databases with a private pool of resources dedicated for that purpose. Azure SQL database capabilities have been significantly enhanced recently to provide support for high-end scalability, allowing management of fairly large scale databases with huge amounts of compute and storage. While

Microsoft Launches Azure Data Lake Store

Ahead of its AzureCon event, Microsoft has announced several improvements to Azure’s big data capabilities. Most notably, the company launched Azure Data Lake Store, an expansion of Azure Data Lake. “The Data Lake Store provides a single repository where you can easily capture data of any size, type and speed

Getting Started with Container Based Deployment

Application life cycle management (ALM) is the process of creating application software and includes many different aspects???such as gathering requirements, architecture and detailed design, implementation, testing, change management, maintenance, integration, release management and deployment. There are different approaches, methodologies and schools of thought for all these aspects. Today, I’m going