November 13, 2015

TensorFlow: Google’s Open Source Machine Learning Platform

Just a few days back, Google, in a not so surprising move, announced open sourcing its machine learning platform called TensorFlow. TensorFlow employs the concept of neural computation using Data Flow Graphs. Data flow graphs are represented as nodes and edges where nodes represent a mathematical operation or an endpoint for

Microsoft to Open Cloud Computing Centers in Germany

Microsoft has announced plans to build two new data centers in Germany in order to serve its European cloud computing customers. What is unusual about these new facilities is that they will be operated by a German company that will act as the “data trustee.” Microsoft will not be able

Work Around to Fix Datetime – Primary Key Violation Issue

If any of your applications are using date time field as a complete or part of the primary key and table is used to keep the huge volume of entries based on real date time value, either auditing or tracking needs, then this is the tip you need to solve

The Big Data Illusion

Data is king. Everyone knows that. Big Data has been on the buzzword most wanted list for a while now, along with machine learning, Hadoop and Spark. Companies eagerly collect data and build massive pipelines to process that data in order to gain insight into what it all means. Guess