December 28, 2023

Industry Challenges

Tech Industry Challenges Amid Job Reductions

Over the last couple of years, the tech industry has faced considerable employment reductions, with leading corporations like Amazon, Google, and Facebook implementing staff cutbacks. Throughout 2022 and 2023, employees

Orca Conservation Techniques

Innovative Techniques Aid Orca Conservation

As the number of Southern Resident orca whales decreases, scientists have been adopting innovative techniques to maintain and monitor the threatened species. Researchers have employed, among other things, state-of-the-art drone

Supervising AI Systems

OpenAI Explores Supervising Powerful AI Systems

OpenAI has disclosed preliminary outcomes from its superalignment group, an internal initiative aimed at avoiding an uncontrollable hypothetical superintelligence – a highly sophisticated computer that surpasses human abilities. A recent

Climate-Tech Lessons

Climate-Tech Startup Surge: Lessons Learned

The rising tide of climate-tech startups aiming to revolutionize clean energy and overhaul vast industrial sectors has ignited optimism in our capacity to tackle climate change. Investment in the tens

Narcotics-Battle Drones

India Battles Narcotics-Carrying Drones at Border

Border security forces in India are struggling with a growing “drone menace” as narcotics-carrying drones penetrate the border with Pakistan, intensifying the drug issue in Punjab and raising serious security

Angular Development

Top Angular Development Companies

The field of Angular development is vast, with numerous companies offering specialized services across the globe. Here’s a comprehensive list of some of the top Angular development companies based on

Bijou Code Event

Bijou School Hosts Hour of Code Event

In early December, around 150 students at Bijou Community School joined the Hour of Code event, a global initiative taking place during Computer Science Education Week. The participating pupils engaged