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Amazon Launches New Cloud Development Tools

The AWS Device Farm becomes available this week.


During last week's AWS Summit, Amazon Web Services announced several new cloud computing tools for developers. They included the AWS Device Farm, which allows developers to test their apps on a variety of smartphones and tablets, and the Amazon API Gateway, a new cloud-based service for creating, managing and monitoring APIs.

Two other previously announced cloud development tools are now generally available: AWS CodeCommit is a Git-compatible revision control service, and AWS CodePipeline is a cloud-based continuous delivery service.

"Your organization, like most others, probably uses a variety of tools (open source and otherwise) as part of your build process," said Amazon's Jeff Barr. "The built-in integrations, along with those that are available from our partners, will allow you to use your existing tools in this new and highly automated workflow-driven world. You can also connect your own source control, build, test, and deployment tools to CodePipeline using the new custom action API.

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