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AWS Elastic File System Now Available in Three Regions

The cloud storage service had been in beta for more than a year.


Amazon's cloud computing arm, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has announced that its Elastic File System (EFS) is now available for production use in its US East (N. Virginia) and West (Oregon) regions, as well as in the EU (Ireland) region. EFS offers cloud storage with a file system that is very similar to what most enterprises use in their own data centers.

“Many AWS customers have asked us for a way to more easily manage file storage on a scalable basis,” explained AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr. “Some of these customers run farms of web servers or content management systems that benefit from a common namespace and easy access to a corporate or departmental file hierarchy. Others run HPC and Big Data applications that create, process, and then delete many large files, resulting in storage utilization and throughput demands that vary wildly over time.”

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