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Cisco Launches IoT System

The networking giant sees the Internet of Things as part of the Internet of Everything.


Cisco has unveiled its IoT System, a collection of products and services related to the Internet of Things. It includes more than 15 new offerings, including network switches and routers, wireless access points, IP surveillance cameras, security analytics software and fog data services.

The networking vendor has positioned its IoT wares as closely related to two related trends: the Internet of Everything (IoE), which Cisco says will include devices, things, people and applications, and fog computing, which involves processing and analyzing data at the edge of the network.

Charles King, president and principal analyst of Pund-IT, said that Cisco's "past accomplishments make it a natural player in the IoT space, and Cisco's commercial success in areas (like its UCS) that initially appeared unrelated to its core businesses means that the company's efforts should be taken seriously."

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