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Eclipse Debuts Kepler Release Train

The update to the Java IDE adds features related to big data, business intelligence and usability.


The Eclipse Foundation has quietly issued Eclipse 4.3, codenamed Kepler. According to the Foundation, more than 420 developers from 54 different organizations worked on more than 58 million lines of code for the release train.

"Kepler has several new features that Java developers are going to enjoy," said Eclipse's Mike Milinkovich. "First, there is support for Java EE 7, which is the quickest we've ever been able to support a new Java EE platform release. Second, Web Tools now has Maven support for building EAR [Enterprise Archive], EJB [Enterprise JavaBeans], WAR [Web application Archive] files and the like."

Other highlights of the release include the Stardust 1.0 suite of Business Process Management runtimes, usability improvements for Orion 3.0, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) support for MongoDB and Cassandra, and better support for code reviews.

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