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Enterprise Software Begins to Embrace Design Thinking

The strictly utilitarian approach is out as more developers consider their users' needs and desires when designing interfaces.


A growing number of enterprise software vendors appear to be embracing the principles of design thinking. A phrase coined by Stanford University's Institute of Design, "design thinking" is an approach to development that emphasizes empathy for users.

ZDNet has put together a short slide show of enterprise software vendors that say they have embraced design thinking. It includes examples from Workday, Intuit and Accenture, and it states that "SAP, Salesforce, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft all use some element of design thinking."

Still, the buzzword isn't quite mainstream yet. "Design thinking isn't a skill set the global 1,000 has," said John Miller from Accenture. "If you say design thinking to a large engineering organization they look at you funny."

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