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IBM Launches developerWorks Open

The company announced a flood of new open source cloud development initiatives.


At the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2015 event, IBM announced the launch of developerWorks Open, a new cloud computing platform that will allow outside developers to collaborate with IBM on open source projects. The company also announced that it would open source 50 of its software projects, including the IBM Ready Apps for Healthcare, Retail, Insurance and Banking; analytics tools like Activity Streams, Agentless System Crawler and IBM Analytics for Apache Spark; and IBM Object Storage on Bluemix Service Broker.

"IBM firmly believes that open source is the foundation of innovative application development in the cloud," stated Dr. Angel Diaz, IBM vice president of Cloud Architecture and Technology. "With developerWorks Open, we are open sourcing additional IBM innovations that we feel have the potential to grow community and ecosystem and eventually become established technologies."

In addition, IBM introduced its Academic Initiative for the Cloud, which will introduce college students to IBM's cloud development tools, as well as several other educational programs.

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