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Netflix Sponsors $100K Cloud Development Contest

Development teams can earn $10,000 first place prizes in ten different categories.


Netflix relies heavily on cloud computing, specifically on Amazon Web Services, and it's always looking for ways to improve the technology that supports its on-demand video service. To that end, it's sponsoring a new contest that will give away $100,000 in prizes to teams that come up with innovative ways to solve cloud computing challenges.

The Netflix Cloud Prizes will offer $10,000 cash, plus $5,000 in AWS credits, a trip to Vegas for two, and a ticket for Amazon's user conference for the winners in ten different categories: Best Example Application Mash-Up; Best New Monkey; Best Contribution to Code Quality; Best New Feature; Best Contribution to Operational Tools, Availability, and Manageability; Best Portability Enhancement; Best Contribution to Performance Improvements; Best Datastore Integration; Best Usability Enhancement and Judges Choice. Entries must be submitted before September 15, and winners will be announced in October.

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