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Rackspace Offers Cloud Monitoring API

Monitoring capabilities are available as a cloud-based service, or developers can use the API to build their own monitoring solutions.


Rackspace has announced the release of Cloud Monitoring, a new service with an API that allows developers to monitor the performance of their websites and Web applications. Customers can use the cloud computing service for applications that are hosted on Rackspace, or they can use the Cloud Monitoring API for applications deployed on premises or with other cloud computing services. The API even enables developers to build their own dashboards and related tools for monitoring performance.

"The API is the real power behind the service. It gives customers not just a user interface or front end, but also access to the monitoring engine that Rackspace uses behind the scene," said Rackspace CTO John Engates.

The Cloud Monitor service will cost $1.50 per check, per month.

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