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Report: iOS Dominates Enterprise Mobile App Testing

Despite the popularity of Android devices, companies still focus on the iPhone and iPad.


Perfecto Mobile, which provides app testing tools and services, has published a new report that details how enterprises test their mobile apps. Interestingly, while more than 80 percent of consumer mobile devices run Android, enterprise mobile development teams spend 49 percent of their time testing apps for iOS, compared to 43 percent for Android and 8 percent for other mobile OSes.

In the same vein, when it comes to the brand of devices tested most often, Apple also comes out on top with 49 percent of time, followed by Samsung (29 percent), HTC (8 percent) and Motorola (6 percent).

For Android apps, Jelly Bean was the flavor tested most often. The most common screen size in testing was 640 by 1,134, which is common with Android phones.

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