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Salesforce Launches Continuous Delivery Platform

Salesforce DX supports agile software development.


Cloud computing heavyweight Salesforce.com has launched two new services for developers. First, Salesforce DX is the company's new continuous delivery platform that integrates with its Force.com and Heroku cloud development services. "Salesforce DX is really important because so many Force.com customers want to adopt CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) practices, but there are so few tools to support the approach," Forrester analyst John Rymer said. "Salesforce's Heroku Pipeline tool didn't address Force.com, but now is the foundation of the DX product, which does."

Second, Salesforce also unveiled a new chatbot development tool. Called LiveMessage, the service currently supports SMS and will add support for Facebook Messenger soon. In addition to powering chatbots, it can also connect live customer service agents with customers.

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