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Survey Highlights Growing Importance of 'Citizen Developers'

Low-code platforms are important to citizen developers, who generally lack coding expertise.


Intuit, the company that makes the QuickBase low-code development platform, has released a new report on the impact of "citizen developers" in the enterprise. Intuit defines citizen developers as "empowered problem-solvers from the various lines of business who have the drive and determination to engage in app development even though they lack traditional coding skills."

The report found that "only 8 percent of respondents had traditional coding skills -- Java, .NET, C++, Ruby, etc., yet, 68 percent considered developing apps part of their day job." It added, "But that’s not to say IT professionals are being left out of the process. In fact, the majority (75 percent) of IT builders indicated that they developed over three quarters of the applications and leave the last mile to their non-coder citizen developer colleagues."

Intuit said that customers have created more than 5.6 million apps with QuickBase, an average of twenty per organization.

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