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What Could Consumer App Developers Learn from Enterprise Application Development?

Enterprise developers do some things better than their consumer counterparts.


Recently, many within the tech industry have commented that enterprise developers need to learn a few things from consumer app developers in general and the mobile development industry in particular. But Shane Schick from FierceDeveloper writes that there are a few things consumer developers could learn from their enterprise counterparts as well. Here's his list:

  • The importance of analytics: "If it can't be measured, it can't be managed."
  • "Monetization is a must": Don't release an app unless the profit motive or ROI is clear.
  • The help desk shouldn't be hidden: Most enterprise apps get this right, but few consumer apps make it easy to get support.
  • "Testing is standardized": Getting the code right before you release really is a better way to go.
  • "'Mobile first' doesn't mean 'rest of business last'": Even if you run a one-person mobile development shop, you can't afford to ignore marketing, R&D, and the other aspects of running a business.

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