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Why Is PostgreSQL Suddenly So Popular?

It's what all the cool kids are doing.


ReadWrite notes that open source database PostgreSQL is enjoying something of a surge in popularity with developers and enterprise IT pros. Hacker News mentions are up, and PostgreSQL job postings are growing at a much faster rate than MySQL jobs (though total PostgreSQL jobs still trail MySQL jobs by a wide margin).

The project recently released an update, PostgreSQL 9.3. While the new version adds some good features like lateral joins and better JSON support, the new technology doesn't seem like enough to account for the sudden rise in interest.

Analysts suggest the sudden interest may be due more to a growing dislike of MySQL, specifically Oracle's ownership of MySQL. Redmonk analyst James Governor says PostgreSQL is popular because "it's rock solid, increasingly developer friendly (see JSON), does geo very well, and isn't owned by Oracle." Ovum analyst Tony Baer expresses the same sentiment, noting that the reason PostgreSQL became more cool is "probably because MySQL became 'less cool.'"

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