Lila Anderson

Access Denial Solutions

Solutions for Website Access Denial Issues

As technology becomes more deeply embedded in our everyday lives, people anticipate uninterrupted and seamless experiences while browsing the internet. However, encountering the “access to this page has been denied”

Charging Roadway

First Public Roadway with Wireless EV Charging

On November 29, a revolutionary demonstration took place on a quarter-mile section of a Detroit street, as the country’s first-ever public roadway equipped with wireless charging technology for electric vehicles

IKEA Smart Sensors

IKEA Launches Smart Sensors for Home Monitoring

IKEA has launched a new series of intelligent sensors, called VALLHORN, PARASOLL, and BADRING, aimed at giving homeowners the power to monitor and control their homes remotely. These affordable and

5G Launch

1&1 Prepares for Upcoming 5G Launch

Launch of 5G service United Internet’s mobile subsidiary, 1&1, is preparing for the launch of its mobile 5G service on December 8, with just 100 operational antennas, according to a

GNoME Discovery

Google DeepMind’s GNoME Accelerates Material Discovery

Google DeepMind has developed a new instrument, termed graphical networks for material exploration (GNoME), that leverages deep learning to expedite the discovery of innovative materials. These materials have the potential

Predicted Abnormalities

AI Predicts Abnormalities in Fusion Reactors

Japan’s NTT and the ITER Organization have teamed up to use NTT’s Deep Anomaly Surveillance (DeAnoS), an AI tool originally made for telecom networks, to forecast nuclear fusion reactor anomalies.

Valve Decline

Valve’s Decline Leaves Fans Yearning

Valve’s shift in focus The gaming world is grappling with the realization that it has been 12 years since Valve, a formerly esteemed studio, created a game that was not

Compact Pocket Laptop

Meenhong P8: Compact Pocket Laptop Unveiled

The Meenhong P8 is a compact 2-in-1 laptop that has been nicknamed the “pocket laptop” due to its small and lightweight design. It measures just 19.8cm in length and 13.8cm