Rashan Dixon


4 Ways to Use ChatGPT Without Sacrificing Quality Content

ChatGPT may turn out to be one of the most useful of recently released marketing tools. Just don’t expect it to turn out messaging that sounds unscripted and human-like. Perhaps the biggest limitation of ChatGPT is its inability to master the conversationalism and contextuality of human discourse. Yes, it can

not to get hacked

Learn From Their Mistakes: How Not to Get Hacked in 2023

A hack on your systems and data may feel very unlikely for your business – yet every company that holds data on customers or employees is vulnerable. With thousands of attacks and billions of dollars lost each year, your organization needs to be constantly vigilant. In the USA, the average

data scientist

What Is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists use data to explain and understand the phenomenon around them. This makes it possible for them to aid companies and organizations in making the right decisions. Working as a data scientist not only provides analytical satisfaction and the ability to understand modern technological advances but also challenges the


4 Companies Making Sustainability Tools and Resources Affordable

By all accounts, the majority of the population should look to invest in sustainability through products and services. Yet many people struggle to go green. Ironically, their dilemma comes in a green form: money. This problem has been well-researched and documented. Snapshots tell us that 69% of American adults favor