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OLE installation files for VB

Question: I have VB 4.0 and VFP 5.0 along with OFFICE 95 installed on a desktop win95 pentium and my 486 win95 notebook. I create a simple VB form on

Informix NULLs and Empty Strings

Question: I am having trouble with my SQLWindows code translating Informix nulls and empty strings ( ” ) as the same value ( ” ).When I select a null value

Duplicate Win 95 Sorting

Question: In Windows 95, all data represented in a tabular or table format can be sorted by clicking on the column heading. If you click once, it is in ascending

16 and 32 Bit Server Access

Question: I run 16- and 32-bit applications on my Windows 95 laptop and they both need to access the same databases. Is there any way to allow the 16- and

ATM: Connection-Oriented Switching

Question: What does it mean that ATM switching is connection-oriented, and what are the benefits of this? Answer: ATM, or Asynchronous Transfer Mode, through its connection-oriented protocol, offers a level

Sending Form Data via E-Mail

Question: How can I send the data from a form via e-mail to some destination address? Answer: I won’t explain how to create a form; however, you can use the

Changing List Box Font

Question: How an I display columnar data in a native HTML list box a la tag ?The Tab character seems to be ignored, and I can’t seem to get a

Control Arrays

Question: Is there a way to handle multiple HTML Checkboxes as an array similar to the Item property of Radio buttons? Answer: Unfortunately, you cannot create control arrays as you

Passing Parameters Between Pages

Question: I’m trying to pass parameters between two html pages, both resident as files on my client. I’ve tried passing them as “search” and “hash” parameters in the URL …

Disabling Controls on Screen

Question: I’m really new at VBScript, but I have a newbie book that is helping me along. However, I have one question that doesn’t seem to be addressed. Is it

Where Class IDs Come From

Question: I’ve just spent a useless morning surfing trying to find out where the CLASSID parameter of a VBSCRIPT OBJECT tag comes from. The most useful documentation said it comes

Accessing the Communications Port

Question: How can VBScript make use of the Comm Port? Answer: VBScript cannot directly access the communications port. However, you may be able to add a communications control to your

Popup Menus with Graphics

Question: Is it possible to add any type of picture to a popup window or menu screen? Answer: The standard menu control does not support adding pictures. However, you might

Passing Controls to Subroutines/Functions

Question: I am trying to pass a control as an object to a global sub to change the controls properties.How do you Set the parameter object as the controlwhen passing

Using Hidden Fields to Pass Data

Question: In HTML, I am using the FORM Tags to capture input and SUBMIT to a CGI Program. The server program captures all INPUT Tags and their VALUE. I want

Detecting Function Key Presses in Text Boxes

Question: I am looking for some kind of method to capturefunction-keys while positioned on a Web-page. To be more specific: I would like to capture eg. F3 when the cursor

InternetExplorer Object

Question: My problem arises due to thehelp file in ActiveX describing a control called ‘InternetExplorer’, howeverthe control box in ActiveX does not contain that object. Have I missed something that

Adding Items to a Combo Box/List Box

Question: I’m having problems populating both types of list boxes with data. The help file say to use the AddItembut doesn’t give any examples. Answer: Assuming your combo box/list box

Using VBScript Off the Internet

Question: Where can I find an example on using VBScriptfor a non-internet, non-html application. MS saysVBScript can also be used as a general purposelanguage for any application. I look for

Including VBScript in Every Page

Question: Is there a way to share VBScript code between different Web pages? Answer: The best way to do this is to use a feature that may or may not

Counting Lines in RichTextBox

Question: I want to develop a word-processor with VB 4.0 and the RichTextBox. I’ve got all the functions like bold, italic etc. but I’m missing a function to count the

Using Rnd Function

Question: Is there any way I can have a % chance in random events. (say you click on a button and you have a 30% chance of it doing one

Varying Length Dynamically

Question: I know VB insists on a _constant_ for the array subscript. Has anyone found a way around this? I would like to set an array length equal to the

Putting Buttons on PictureBox

Question: My question is that I’m trying to put a command buttons in a picture box on MDI form (it’s a text editor). But it always keeps on givin’ me

Putting a ProgressBar on a StatusBar

Question: Both the ProgressBar and the StatusBar appear to be welcome additions to the VB controls set. But, while I have had to create each of the various built-in StatusBar

Changing Database Structure

Question: I’m using VB 3.0 to work with databases in the Jet 2.0 format. I expect it will be necessary to add new fields to the database sometime in the

Editing Forms Directly

Question: I want to present screens of text in an application. I plan to use label controls and would like to cut and paste the text from my word processor

Controlling Netscape

Question: I’m trying to write an application that loads URLs into the user’s web browser, but it’s based on the shell function and fires up a second Netscape window when

Calling a Form’s Subroutines

Question: How can I call another Form’s subroutine? Answer: Under VB3 you can’t call another form’s subroutine. If you need to do this, put the sub into a .BAS module.

Setting Windows Wallpaper

Question: I am trying to use the API call SystemParametersInfo to change the Windows wallpaper. It works great in a Borland C program I wrote, but doesn’t work in VB.