Get Access to Free Microsoft Software and Technical Articles

Get Access to Free Microsoft Software and Technical Articles

DevX provides you a lot of great articles. In addition to the great articles there are a number of portals including the Visual Studio 2010 Showcase, the PHP for Windows Showcase, and the IBM Cloud Computing Development Center.

While all of these are likely to interest you in one way or another, the MSDN Spotlight is worth noting for a variety of reasons. This spotlight not only includes articles, but also a few downloads. For example, you can download a 60-Day trial of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010. You can also download the SharePoint SDK, which includes conceptual overviews, porgrammign tasks, samples, and a reference guide for SharePoint 2010 product and technologies.

If you aren’t interested in downloads, then there are a variety of articles on topics ranging from Microsoft Azure to Microsoft Visual Studio, with lots of topics in between. The following are just a couple of highlights. For the complete list, go to the MSDN Spotlight landing page.

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