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Pointers: Advanced Concepts in C++

A pointer is a variable that points to the memory location of another variable or an object. The pointer itself is also a variable???the difference between a pointer and another

Using Preprocessor Directives in C++

Preprocessors are programs that accept input and produce output that in turn becomes input for the next cycle. Preprocessor directives are statements in a program that are preceded by the

Embarcadero Rolls Out Entry-level RAD Kits

Entry-level rapid application development (RAD) tools have a deserved reputation for being low-grade, or robust and expensive, or free and missing key ingredients. At the same time, there is a

Avoiding the Perils of C++0x Data Races

ace conditions are an inherent part of parallel programming. A race condition exists any time a program’s behavior may depend on the relative ordering of events on separate threads. In

The Rise and Fall of C++0x Concepts

hat were you doing during the morning hours (EST) of July 13th 2009? On that auspicious day, in a dramatic vote, the C++ standards committee decided to remove concepts from