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What Data is Google Analytics Goals Unable to Track?

It is important to track goals as that helps to measure the progress of the different goals for the different parameters of single or multiple projects. The progress can be further analyzed in a better way after stacking the results against the predefined goals or KPIs. But, what data is

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DevX Quick Guide to Data Ingestion

One of the biggest trends of the 21st century is the massive surge in internet usage. With major innovations such as smart technology, social media, and online shopping sites, the internet has become an essential part of everyday life for a large portion of the population. Due to this internet

data execution protection

Data Execution Prevention and How it Works

No matter what you do or where you work, you are likely to encounter Windows software at some point or another. Courtesy of Microsoft, Windows operating software has a massive client base worldwide. With such widespread popularity, it is crucial to understand all the different features and security systems within

Cyber Attacks: What happens when a company's reputation is damaged because they've been targeted by spoofing, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber attacks?

How Companies Can Manage Reputation After Cyber Attacks

A data breach can cost companies millions of dollars in lost revenue, damage control, and more. But what about indirect costs that are difficult to manage? What happens when a company’s reputation is damaged because they’ve been targeted by spoofing, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber attacks? We’ll answer these questions.

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Pros and Cons of Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

One of the biggest potential risks in today’s modern digital world is the risk of losing your data. Whether it is professional or personal, data is a valuable asset. One of the most important steps in ensuring your data is secure is routine data backup. Backing up your data is

Data observability, enterprise resource planning, and a CRM system are three types of tech that can help businesses of all sizes save time.

3 Types of Tech That Will Save Your Business Time

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running or even the industry that you’re operating in. Organizations are forever looking for new and innovative ways to cut costs. They’re regularly turning to modern technology in order to do it. For example, one rising trend today for customer service lies

Create Database Primary Keys on the Fly

Since Guids are unique anywhere you find them, they make a good primary key.The trick is to create them where and when you need them using the CoCreateGuidAPI. You can create a new record on your client, assign it a unique identifier,and REMEMBER it as a local variable for all

See Who Is Blocking Your SQL Server

If you have ever monitored any blocking problems in SQL Server, you know that sp_who only shows you the spid (SQL Server’s internal Process ID) that is causing the blocking for each spid that is blocked. Often a blocked spid is shown as causing blocking for another spid. To see