Database Development Zone

Database Development in SQLJ

In this series, Oracle Pro Boris Milrud shows you how to use SQLJ, the evolving industry standard language, to write Oracle stored procedures with database-independent code that can be easily

Migrating from SQL Server to Oracle Series

In this series, SQL Server expert Joe Lax will be describing the steps he takes to learn Oracle database administration. Included are editorials, book reviews, and technical articles that chart

Storing Your Data in Oracle

hat block size did you choose for your database? How many chunks have been allocated for your table? How large is each chunk and what will the size of the

Oracle Basics: Querying an Oracle Database

ogging in and querying an Oracle database can be a daunting task for anyone used to SQL Server. Instead of the familiar Query Analyzer tool (see Figure 1), which provides

Why Am I Learning Oracle?

n the last several years, I have built and expanded my career based on my knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server. I’ve used the product as both a database developer and