Database Development in SQLJ

Database Development in SQLJ

In this series, Oracle Pro Boris Milrud shows you how to use SQLJ, the evolving industry standard language, to write Oracle stored procedures with database-independent code that can be easily ported to other Java-enabled database platforms.

SQLJ is a language that allows embedding static SQL statements textually in Java programs. Read on…

Part I: An Overview of SQLJ
Oracle provides an ideal environment for taking advantage of the strengths of both PL/SQL and Java languages. In this article, Boris Milrud describes what you need to do to develop and run a SQLJ application. He also shows how SQLJ stacks up with JDBC, and SQLJ/JDBC with PL/SQL.

Part II: SQLJ Language Elements
SQLJ is the evolving industry standard language that allows you to write Oracle stored procedures with database-independent code that can be easily ported to other Java-enabled database platforms. Oracle Pro Boris Milrud describes the elements of SQLJ?connection contexts, iterators, executable statements, and host expressions?so you can put some actual SQLJ to use.

Part III: Writing Stored Procedures in SQLJ
Parts I and II covered the basics. Now it’s time to put the SQLJ language to use. Learn how to write, load, and run a SQLJ stored procedure on an Oracle database, and see how its results compare with PL/SQL’s.

Book Review: Oracle8i SQLJ Programming
In this review, Jayanta Sengupta finds that this comprehensive book can help you embed static SQL into Java programs by showing you numerous examples with detailed step-by-step explanations.

Boris Milrud has 10 years of experience as a software developer. He is a Senior Database Engineer with Callidus Software, Inc. located in San Jose CA. He is specializing in all aspects of Oracle database software development including database design, programming, optimization and tuning. Reach him at [email protected].
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