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MySQL vs. MariaDB

Many developers have used MySQL, while they have only heard of MariaDB. Let’s explore the differences between these two database management systems. History MySQL and MariaDB share common history. MySQL

Using Python for Big Data Analysis

It’s no surprise that big data?is becoming an integral part of any business conversation. Desktop and mobile search are providing data to marketers and companies around the world on an

Introduction to Facebook GraphQL

GraphQL is a data query language used by Facebook since 2012 that was recently open sourced. It was designed to expose hierarchical data and make it easier for front-end developers

Container Orchestration with Docker Swarm

Containers eat the DevOps world. Docker is leading the pack with the ubiquitous Docker engine runtime and a plethora of related tools. In this article, I provided some basic information

Backup and Restore Using Amazon S3 API

In terms of data security, it is a good practice to backup your server’s files to an external location. At a rate of $3 per 100 GB of storage, Amazon

Working with Triangular Joins

Set-based solutions are always faster than loops in SQL, right? Usually?that is true but not always. A good example would be if you wanted to create a running total of

MySQL Master Slave Replication

In high-traffic Web applications, a master-slave database architecture is used to optimize performance by separating read and write operations and to prevent loss of data in case of a server

Optimize Inserts Using SQLAlchemy

SQLAlchemy is a very sophisticated toolkit for databases in Python. It has many layers that have different levels of control and ease-of-use. SQLAlchemy is designed to provide superb performance, but