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Getting Started with Redis

Redis is an in-memory key value store with benefits that is free and open source. It is implemented in C and it is lightning fast. Redis is mature (version 3.03

Getting the Best From Microservices and Databases

The Database in a Traditional Monolithic System The database in a traditional enterprise software environment is at the center of everything. It is typically a centralized, big, inflexible relational database

Introduction to Cloud Database Services

A cloud database?is a database that is built, deployed and delivered through a cloud computing platform. It can be deployed either as virtual machine image or as database as a

Cassandra for SQL Developers

Overview Cassandra is a fantastic NoSQL database. It was designed with Big Data in mind. When I say big data I simply mean data that doesn’t fit on one machine.

Top 5 MySQL Scalability Tips

When working on web sites with small MySQL databases and with a small number of visitors, both fast and slow queries would be quick enough to provide adequate performance. Thus,