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How NoSQL and Relational Database Storage Can Coexist

NoSQL databases and relational database management systems (RDBMSes) are very different animals with different strengths and weaknesses. Does that mean a NoSQL Database and a RDBMS cannot possibly sit side-by-side

Five Reasons to Keep NoSQL on Your Radar

Whether you are a fan of NoSQL, cynical of its merits, or just curious about its development goodies, there’s no escaping the presence and growth of NoSQL. In the next

The Rise of NoSQL Databases

If you think databases are all of the relational SQL kind (as in MySQL, MS SQL and PostreSQL), think again. Better still: think NoSQL, as in non-relational, distributed databases that

Flex RESTing with MySQL

Adobe Flex is the premier rich Internet application (RIA) technology in the marketplace. Because of Flex’s toolset and support, you have many options for creating your next user interface (UI).

Accommodating Null Values in SQL Server

espite having a good understanding of the term null, most developers still fail to adequately accommodate null values in their databases. Accommodating null values appropriately is an important part of

Keep Your SQL Server Indexes Fragmentation Free

ou risk a great deal by neglecting your database. Without routine maintenance, a growing database becomes lethargic. As performance degrades, the potential for errors or a system crash increases. At