Devx Special Reports

Forking and Joining Java to Maximize Multicore Power

f writing software is hard, then writing applications that will take full advantage of the ever-more-prevalent multicore/multi-CPU hardware?without introducing subtle race conditions and consistency errors?is even harder. Numerous solutions have

Lots about Locks

emember the red telephone box, once a familiar sight on the streets of London? That’s a good example of mutually exclusive access to a shared resource, although you probably didn’t

Overview: C++ Gets an Overhaul

en years after the ratification of the first ISO C++ standard, C++ is heading for no less than a revolution. C++0x, the new C++ standard due in 2009, brings a

Simpler Multithreading in C++0x

ne major new feature in the C++0x standard is multi-threading support. Prior to C++0x, any multi-threading support in your C++ compiler has been provided as an extension to the C++

Easier C++: An Introduction to Concepts

very C++ programmer has had one of those days: A simple use of a template library turns into a nightmare, with pages upon pages of error messages streaming out of