Devx Special Reports

The State of the Language: An Interview with Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup, inventor of the C++ programming language, is a computer scientist and the College of Engineering Chair Professor of Computer Science at Texas A&M University. He has always been highly involved in the standardization of C++. Since 2004, Bjarne and the standards committee have been busy hammering out the

The Mobile Road: Looking Back, Looking Forward

’ve been doing mobile software development of one sort or another for time out of mind. Some of the first serious programs I wrote were for an HP-41CX calculator for engineering and sales purposes for the electronics industry. In that time, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the market go

Start Your Engines: Mobile Application Development

oftware engineering is all about choices. Choices have to be weighed: performance vs. scalability, complexity vs. flexibility, pros vs. cons, and good vs. poor design. In mobile application development, we have achieved that “many choices” state. In fact, in twenty years of software development, I cannot recall another time when

The Mobile Platform Cheat Sheet

hen choosing the technology and target platform for your mobile project or application, you will find several possibilities. There are several kinds of mobile phone platforms available and most have somewhat different characteristics. For example, Windows Mobile development is different from iPhone development, even though the target markets are quite

Mobilize Your Java Applications with Java ME Technologies

his article walks through creating a Java mobile application for a J2ME-enabled mobile camera device. While it does not cover all of the neccesary aspects in depth, it does describe how to build the basic structure for the application. The completed Java mobile application will enable the user to do:

Android Mobility: Open Source Hits the Road

ven prior to Google’s splashy announcement about Android late last year, rumors were swirling about the so-called “gPhone.” Now that programmers have had several months to experiment with early releases of the SDK, a clearer vision of Android has emerged. Android offers a robust and modern Java-derived API, visual components

Cruising the Interstate with Windows Mobile 6 Development

n recent years, the mobile application platform has gained a lot of interest among enterprise developers. With so many mobile platforms available, customers aren’t lacking choices. However, at the forefront of a developer’s mind are the various criteria that must be evaluated before deciding which platform to support. These factors

Running In the Field: How to Make Your Handheld Your Best Friend

any people no longer even own a desktop; instead they love laptops, whether entry-level or expensive mobile workstations, and work on them exclusively. But laptops are too heavy to carry all the time, and too slow and cramped to be the equivalent of a desktop. Personally, I keep a desktop