Devx Whitepapers

The Continuous Innovation of Software as a Service

Do traditional or SaaS ERP solutions offer better capabilities for innovation? According to Knowledge Infusion, SaaS is the clear winner. In this white paper, it makes several recommendations: Analyze your

Transforming Your Software Product Into a Service

While deploying an application in the cloud offers substantial benefits, it also poses significant challenges. This white paper offers an overview of the issues involved in software as a service

The New Media Consumer: 2009

It’s no surprise that consumers are using the Internet and Web apps in new ways. But this set of slides adds more detail about Americans’ online activities: Nearly nine in

Smartphone Use Rises 193%

In its February 2010 Mobile Metrics Report, Admob reveals that smartphones accounted for 48 percent of traffic, up from 35 percent the year before. In absolute terms, traffic increased a

The Top 6 Security Mistakes .NET Developers Make

Experts say that 70 percent of security breaches occur at the application level. While Microsoft has incorporated additional security features into the .Net framework, developers continue to make mistakes. The