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The Continuous Innovation of Software as a Service

Do traditional or SaaS ERP solutions offer better capabilities for innovation? According to Knowledge Infusion, SaaS is the clear winner. In this white paper, it makes several recommendations: Analyze your current ERP cost structure as a first step. Reassess your business needs and understand how your current ERP fits. Usability

Smartphone Downloads from Mobile App Stores to Peak in 2013

Last year, users downloaded 2.4 billion apps from mobile app stores. Market researchers at ABI believe that smartphone app downloads will continue to rise until they reach around 7 billion 2013. At that time, they predict, downloads will begin to fall off. Senior analyst Mark Beccue says, “We see two

Transforming Your Software Product Into a Service

While deploying an application in the cloud offers substantial benefits, it also poses significant challenges. This white paper offers an overview of the issues involved in software as a service (SaaS) deployments. It covers the challenge of transforming your software, improving functionality and reducing costs, maintaining performance of your multi-tenant

The New Media Consumer: 2009

It’s no surprise that consumers are using the Internet and Web apps in new ways. But this set of slides adds more detail about Americans’ online activities: Nearly nine in ten Americans have Internet access from some location. 27 percent of American households (69 million) watched Internet video at least

How to Optimize Oracle Solaris Applications for Intel Platforms

Working together, Oracle and Intel have found a number of ways that Solaris and Xeon processors can benefit from the features of each technology. In this paper, they offer guidance that allows developers to optimize their applications for Solaris on Intel platforms. It covers: Intelligent Performance Automated Energy Efficiency Reliability

Smartphone Use Rises 193%

In its February 2010 Mobile Metrics Report, Admob reveals that smartphones accounted for 48 percent of traffic, up from 35 percent the year before. In absolute terms, traffic increased a full 193 percent from February 2009. Although feature phone traffic increased in absolute terms, its share of the market fell

Application Performance Management: 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying

In this white paper, InformationWeek covers the basics of application performance management (APM) and suggests 10 questions to ask that will help determine whether an APM solution will deliver true business value. They are: Which applications can be monitored? How does the product discover the root cause of a performance

The Top 6 Security Mistakes .NET Developers Make

Experts say that 70 percent of security breaches occur at the application level. While Microsoft has incorporated additional security features into the .Net framework, developers continue to make mistakes. The most common of those mistakes include not integrating security into development process, cross-site scripting, enabling debug options in the web.config

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