Freyr Stock Plunge

FREYR Battery Stock Plunge Sparks Worry

FREYR Battery’s Stock Plummets Amid Market Concerns In today’s trading, the stock of lithium battery manufacturer FREYR Battery experienced a 38.4% drop, influenced by the decelerating electric vehicle (EV) sector

Rivian Production

Rivian’s EV Production Green Milestones

Rivian, an electric vehicle (EV) producer, has successfully activated a 2.8 MW wind turbine at its Normal, Illinois facility. The turbine, first revealed in June 2022 and constructed starting in

Revolutionizing Transport

Inside Norway’s EV Adoption Lessons

In Oslo, Norway, the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) has been facilitated by substantial government incentives, making Norway the global leader in EV sales. Tesla CEO Elon Musk commended

Reviving GM Innovation

Reviving GM Plant for Electric Vehicle Innovation

Repurposing the former GM plant Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics giant primarily known for producing iPhones for Apple Inc., has decided to repurpose a former General Motors Co. facility in Lordstown,

Tesla Battles

Tesla Battles Rivals, Doubts, and Declining Growth

Declining growth and market challenges The electric vehicle (EV) producer, Tesla, has encountered doubts from investors due to its declining growth, intensifying rivalry in the EV truck sector, and moderated

Revolutionizing Unifying Chargers

Rapid Chargers: Unifying Electric Vehicle Standards

Rapid Charger Expansion and the Charging Standards Debate Car manufacturers and charging enterprises are working towards placing tens of thousands of rapid chargers along American highways to recharge electric vehicles

Electrifying Vehicles Rediscovered

The Journey of EVs Through Time

First Reported on: Early history of electric vehicles In an astonishing revelation, it has come to light that battery-operated vehicles had been a part of our history dating back